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How To Reach Remarkable Pinterest Marketing Success: Infographic

Craving Pinterest marketing success? There's ONE thing you need to do to succeed on Pinterest: be consistent. Learn the steps on a cool infographic!

Craving Pinterest marketing success?

But not sure how to get there?

There’s ONE thing you need to do for success on Pinterest: be consistent.

And, I’ve got the method outlined for you on a cool infographic!

The best thing about Pinterest, to me, is that much of this work can be automated. Pinterest differs from other social media platforms in that it functions more like a search engine. Once you’ve created your content, you can schedule it with a tool like Tailwind, and basically sit back and watch your site traffic grow.

If you like to spend your time on social media seeking out and interacting with prospects, leads, and customers, then you might not find Pinterest fulfilling.

But if you prefer to create valuable content, and let your content speak for you, then Pinterest is your game.

Here are the tasks you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to make Pinterest work for you. Read on after the infographic for details on how to make these tasks fast and easy!

Craving Pinterest marketing success? There's ONE thing you need to do to succeed on Pinterest: be consistent. Learn the steps on a cool infographic!

Created with the infographic maker Venngage.

What to do for Pinterest Marketing Success

Just getting started? Look at the daily and weekly tasks. Choose a few you can manage. Add more as you become convinced of Pinterest’s potential!


If you don’t have a lot of your own blog post or product pins yet, pin 1 of yours and 4 from others each day.

It’s best if you don’t pin these all at the same time. The easiest way to spread the love around is with a scheduler.

Tailwind saves me SO much time that it’s well worth the small cost. I’d never get anything done if I were stopping to pin 5 times a day, and I can’t imagine the cost to hire a VA to do it, either. Plus, it will Pin at your BEST times for engagement! You can’t even figure that out on your own.

Try Tailwind for free here. You can schedule 100 Pins free! If you decide you love it and pay at the end of your trial, I’ll get a small referral fee.

Eventually, as your blog and content grows, you’ll want move towards pinning 10 to 15 times a day, 80% your own content.

Long term goal: 30 pins a day. I currently pin this much, and the benefits have been enormous! Loads of site traffic and follower growth. However, it took me 3 years with Tailwind to amp up to this number!

While some people pin as often as 100 times, more than 30/day hasn’t been shown to provide any increased benefits.

Get back to basics! I’ll take you from setting up your account correctly
to making simple, pinnable images, in the FREE e-course.

Get ONE simple action step each day. Join now!

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  • Check home feed to like and repin
  • Follow interesting pinners, including some of your new followers
  • Create images for new blog posts and pages
  • Write a great pin description with keywords
  • Schedule your new pin to all relevant boards
  • Schedule pins to share on your other social networks

Quite honestly, I’m great at 3, 4 and 5, and don’t do the others very often. Do what you can!

Before you repin others’ content, be sure the pin leads to the correct address – don’t lead pinners astray! Click the pin and see where it leads.

It’s wise to look at repin numbers, and repin some popular pins from your niche. If others have liked them, there’s a good chance your repin will get likes and saves too. That’s important to help your pins surface in the Pinterest Smart Feed.

Follow people and boards that post content you like
. Pinterest will place similar pins from people you don’t follow in the Smart Feed, so don’t follow a ton of irrelevant stuff in hopes of a follow-back. Follower count isn’t that important on Pinterest anyway, as it’s a search tool. Users are actively looking for products and information!

When you create images for Pinterest, be sure they’re vertical! At least 600 pixels wide, and 1.5 to 2.5 times the height is ideal. Longer is fine too, but they’ll get cropped in the Smart Feed.

Be sure to include keywords that pinners are searching for, and a compelling call to action in your pin description. Include a few relevant hashtags at the end of your description (click to read the latest on Pinterest hashtags).

If you use a Pinterest scheduler, take some time to schedule your new pins, and any that you want to recycle now. Yes, you can repin the same pins to your own boards, and to some group boards. Check their rules.

In Tailwind, you can tick a box to have your scheduled pin also appear on Facebook and/or Twitter. If you don’t have a Pinterest scheduler but do schedule to other platforms, you can schedule your pins to post with a link to the pin on Pinterest. I suggest you could post a pin once a day on Twitter, maybe once a week on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Overwhelmed? Let me take you from setting up your account correctly
to making simple, pinnable images, in the FREE e-course.

Get ONE simple action step each day. Join now!

• • • CLICK to get your FREE Pinterest Basics e-course! • • •


  • Review analytics in Pinterest, Google Analytics, and/or Tailwind
  • Create new images for old evergreen content
  • Consider the next month’s trending topics
  • Schedule your best performing pins, new images, and trends
  • Evaluate group board performance
  • Plan new blog content based on what’s working

Here’s the stuff that can really make a difference to your success on Pinterest! It’s a little advanced, so take it one step at a time.

See what’s working! You can get some info in your Pinterest analytics. I look at Clicks and Saves on pins and boards.

Google Analytics will quickly show you just which pages on your site are attracting Pinterest traffic. Learn how here.

And Tailwind can show you which specific pins are getting repinned in the Pin Optimizer section, and which boards are getting the most repins under Board Insights. Plus lots more! Stats is their strong suit.

Next, in your Google Analytics, which pages on your site are getting a lot of traffic, but could use better Pinterest images? A few hours once a month to create optimized images will pay off in even more traffic.

Does your business follow seasons or trends? Be sure to start pinning for them months in advance. Pins take time to circulate and catch on.

Now schedule all this great, new and top-performing visual content.

Check out your group board performance in Tailwind’s Board Insights. If a group board isn’t getting repins, consider leaving it. If you’re not pinning to a group board but want to, go find 4 relevant pins to schedule out over the month.

Which posts, pages, and pins are performing? This info is gold. Make a plan to do more of that next month.

Improve your Pinterest with ONE simple action step each day. Join now!

• • • CLICK to get your FREE Pinterest Basics e-course! • • •

Are You Ready To Reach Remarkable Pinterest Marketing Success?

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Start with pinning daily. Then set aside a weekly time when you can start on a couple of those tasks. Add more as you can!

If so much of this is new to you, don’t worry about learning Tailwind at the same time, too. Get the basics down. When you’re ready for a scheduler, I appreciate if you use my affiliate link! I’ll get a small commission if you buy a paid plan. This helps support my free content :)

If you do want to learn more about Tailwind, you should read:

How To Use Tailwind For Massive Pinterest Growth

What to do next? Pin the infographic! Sign up for the FREE e-course. You’ll soon be on your way to Pinterest marketing success.

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