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Holiday Marketing on Pinterest? Start Now! [infographic]

Planning your holiday marketing on Pinterest? Pinners start early, and spend twice as much on the holidays. Here's how to succeed there!

Planning your holiday marketing?

Don’t forget Pinterest!

And when you think Pinterest, remember that Pinners are planners! They’re ready to start thinking about Christmas – now!

Pinners start holiday planning in September – 4 weeks earlier than others.

Pinners also spend twice as much on the holidays as the general public! So this is definitely an audience you want to get to know.

If you’re not certain how to proceed, I’ve got some great resources for you. 

Pinterest is offering Free Holiday Webinars

The holiday season gets busy on Pinterest, with people searching, saving and buying gifts for all their loved ones. Pinterest is the perfect platform to reach holiday shoppers.

Curious how to get your business in front of these eager customers? Download the Pinterest holiday report to learn more about how people are searching and planning for a big holiday.

Plus, Pinterest is offering three information-packed webinars to help you get your holiday strategy going:

Webinar 1: Holiday insights on Pinterest
Date & time: September 19, 10:30am PST
Get the scoop on all of your favorite holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

Webinar 2: Holiday creative on Pinterest
Date & time: September 20, 9:30am PST
Find out what creative stands out on Pinterest during the holidays.

Webinar 3: Retail holiday sales strategy
Date & time: September 21, 9:30am PST
Find out how Retailers can pull sales forward by reaching early holiday planners.

Sign up here on Pinterest.

Holiday Marketing Stats you should know!

This infographic shows stats from 2016. You can attend Pinterest’s webinars to get the latest! This was too good not to share though :) Article continues after the infographic.

Planning your holiday marketing on Pinterest? Pinners start early, and spend twice as much on the holidays. Here's how to succeed with them!

  • 67% of Pinners say Pinterest is important for planning holiday purchases.
  • 45% of people on Pinterest start planning for holidays at least 60 days out (that’s 21% higher than the general population).
  • 1.1 billion holiday pins were saved in 2015.
  • 69% of people do research online before visiting a store.
  • 55% of Pinners use Pinterest to find or shop for products.
  • 70% of incremental sales come from new customers.
  • Pinterest is 5x more efficient at driving in-store sales than any other platform.

Searches on Pinterest:

  • 82 million searches for gifts.
  • 158 million searches for holiday home decor.
  • 271 million searches for holiday food and drink.
  • 583 million searches for holiday style.

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What do you think about holiday marketing on Pinterest – will you give it a go?

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