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This Artist's Series About Living Alone Will Speak To Every Introvert's Soul "Just because someone is alone doesn't mean they're lonely."

Artist Yaoyao Ma Van As is a 35-year-old art director located in Los Angeles.

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Instagram: @yaoyaomva

She has an amazing series that focuses on what it's like living alone and being in solitude.

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

And damn, the color palettes she explores throughout this series perfectly captures mood and atmosphere.

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

"The 'solitude' part wasn't my goal." She told BuzzFeed. "However, once in a while I would get some comments on my painting like, 'Why is she always alone?'"

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

"And I started thinking, 'Just because someone is alone doesn't mean they're lonely.'"

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

"I started doing these because I wanted to tell stories with my drawings, especially stories about my dog Parker."

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

"Life has its ups and downs, and I hope people can see from the stories I tell in my illustrations that they're not alone in going through certain experiences in life."

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

"I do go through different emotions, but I'm also not crying in the staircase

every time I draw something sad or biking through nature when I'm happy. I mainly just want to improve my skills and become more well-rounded as an artist."

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via

You can see more of Yaoyao's work on her website 

and follow her work on Instagram.

Yaoyao Ma Van As / Via
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